A day for Susana - Feature Documentary


Affected by a rare disease, Susana has to decide between a sports career and a role as a mother in face of her last battle: to survive.

Project Stage:

'A day for Susana' was in production since December 2013, when it was exactly one thousand days from the beginning of the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. The first shooting day was at the 2013 Brazilian Paralympic Committee Awards, in which Susana won the prize of best-disabled female athlete of that year. Up to September 2016, there has been 120+ shooting days which sums up more than 180 hours of footage including research interviews with friends and colleagues, training routine, national and international competitions, free time with her kids and her mother, daily routine at home and conversations in the car. In July 2015, we traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, to shoot Susana’s participation in the IPC Swimming World Championship. The shootings ended in the Paralympics in Rio in September 2016. The movie will be ready for audiences by 2018.


*Tribeca Film Institute Latin America Fund 2015

*Tribeca Festival Market 2015

*AcampaDOC 2014

*Docs DF Forum 2015

*DocSP Lab 2015

Susana in her birthday party.

Directed and produced by Giovanna Giovanini & Rodrigo Boecker

Brazilian distribution by Vitrine Filmes