Prapapá - Web Series

Patricia Smith during a shooting day in February 2015.

Prapapá is a web series on Youtube that teaches simple and healthy recipes for babies and children from 0 to 7 years old. Hosted by Patricia Smith who is nutritionist and mother as well.

About Patricia Smith:

Patricia Cruz Smith is a Brazilian nutritionist and blogger. She is the responsible editor for the website, which brings a new look for modern maternity, targeting mothers of 0-6 years-old kids. In addition, Patricia is the author of the book "The Gastronomic Adventures of a Mother's First Trip", published by Memória Visual, which brings together 90 different recipes for the first year of baby's life. All is easy to prepare and cook, and most importantly: without radicalisms. Finally, Patricia also runs cooking classes for mothers in Ateliê das Ideias in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Along with the extensive experience and charisma of Patricia, "Prapapá" will bring out creative, simple and tasty recipes, which will allow any parent to provide their children the large universe of spices and flavours of the world.


Winner of RioFilme Web Public Fund 2014


directed by: Renata Schiavini & Giovanna Giovanini

produced by: Nina Riviello & Patrícia Bruzzi

hosted by: Patricia Smith

direction of photography: Rodrigo Boecker

assistant directors: Juliana Chagas & Antonia Quintaes

make up artist: Ana Priscila Freire